10 Ways to Improve Your Business Trip

In this day and age, we often forget to relax or even take a deep breath every now and then. Working hard to excel in your chosen career regardless of your gender is a fulfilling thing to do with your life but traveling all the time for business gives the illusion of a vacation without the benefits! Being a woman in a male-dominated career path alone is a tough situation already, not letting yourself enjoy what little time you can spare is not the way to go. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with that. Here are some tips to turn your stressful work trips into fun times that you get paid for!

1) Pack the Essentials

We often forget that even during trips our body needs to be taken care of in a proper manner. We are not invincible and it’s okay to remember that every now and then. Pack a small bag with your essential hair and skincare items, this will ensure that you don’t skip your routine and let yourself go just because you’re away from home. We like to deceive ourselves with the excuse that the trip will take a short time and that we will be okay without certain things, don’t do this to yourself. Skipping out on moisturizer will not make you a better businesswoman, it will only give you dry skin and more anxiety. Taking good care of your body will give you a reason to think about yourself for at least a few minutes during the day, this will ensure that you’re aware of your needs and in tune with your emotions.

2) Dress to Impress With Comfort

Buying clothes as a woman can be as tough as it is with all the societal norms and the media in our ears but don’t be fooled, it’s not about what the clothes look like, it’s about how you feel in them. You could be wearing the most luxurious and classy dress ever but if you don’t feel comfortable in it, it won’t matter. Dressing to impress can be the key to success in your career, as making you more comfortable in your skin will give a certain charm to your movement. Shop for clothes that are made with your body style in mind, look for colors that highlight your skin tone and eyes. If possible, have your business attire tailor-fitted, you will be surprised at what big of a difference this makes in the mirror.

“Looking great and feeling your best will boost your mood during the journey and help you in achieving the best results by the time of your return.”

3) Research

No matter how little time you will be spending at your destination, you should do a quick search of the area and the hotel you will be staying in. If you find yourself with some free time on your hands, this will ensure that you know how you could get the most out of it. Maybe you would rather take a nap, this is also okay, but what if your favorite author is doing a book signing event in the café next door? Wouldn’t you like to drop by for a few minutes to say hi to an old friend in that pub down the street? You’re not as busy as you believe yourself to be, take a few minutes to breathe and be efficient with your time. Stressing about being busy is only wasting the time you possess.

4) Think Before You “Not Eat”

You may be on a diet like the rest of us who like to stay healthy but following a diet doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying food altogether. Permitting yourself to indulge in the wonders of the culinary world surely feels like the gateway to paradise. Don’t go barging in just yet but permit yourself to do so every once in a while. During your travels, you will encounter local delicacies that you may not have the chance to taste later on. Let yourself have fun without a guilty conscience and have a laugh about it in the gym when you get back. There is no point in pressuring yourself about not eating that famous cake and then having daydreams about it during a meeting.

5) Stay Away From the Screen

Social media is addictive and we all know that pretty well by now. Don’t fall into its claws during these stressful days where you’re especially vulnerable to judgment and envy. Seeing the perfect looking fake profiles will make you question your very real life without the filters, you mustn’t forget that those things you see aren’t real. Don’t check your social media as much as you normally do and only communicate with friends through direct messaging and phone calls. Posting and sharing can be a great thing but the stress of having and keeping up with a virtual life can be exhausting while excelling in real life.

6) Make a List

Make lists of the contents of your bags and the things you have to do. No matter how well you think you can remember, being stressed takes a toll on the mind. Having a list will make things easier to remember and keep you more focused on your actual work. Distracting yourself from work because you have trivial things to remember is the most outrageous reason in failing to be productive. Make those lists and then make copies of them on your phone, this way you won’t be wasting time running around looking for the list you made to save time.

7) Drink Water

You should probably do this more whether you’re on a business trip or not. Hydration is the key to focus properly and to stay healthy. Working hard drains the body of precious energy and to keep going we tend to drink coffee or energy drinks. This is fine every now and then but having more coffee than water in your body won’t help you at all in your work. Do yourself a favor and carry a bottle of water on your person wherever you go. Take sips every 10 minutes, this will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water helps with headaches, proper digestion, sleep quality and much more. Be kind to your body so that it can carry you to the top as you deserve!

8) Ask Your Hotel

Don’t forget to ask your hotel if there are any parties or gatherings you should know about during your trip, if you don’t do this ahead of time you may end up in a crowd with no intention to participate. Be informed of events and maybe one of them will intrigue you enough to join.

9) Bring Out the Flats

Wearing heels can be very empowering which surely adds to anyone’s performance during work. Bear in mind that no matter how comfortable those heels feel, after a few hours they will turn against you. Always carry some ballet flats in your purse so that you can change into them with ease and still look fabulous at the end of the day. You may look shorter but it still beats having to bandage your battle scars later that evening.

10) Security is Important

Traveling alone can be dangerous and even more so if you are a woman. Be diligent, use Mimic Go for your belongings and secure your hotel room. Don’t stay out late and let your friends know of your whereabouts. Do not let your drinks out of sight even when you believe you’re accompanied by friends.

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