In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are suffering from financial crisis. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing a rise in criminal activity including burglary and theft. 

As such, it is high time that we start considering ways to enhance and improve our home security options. With this in mind, here are 15 ways to secure your home and prevent home burglary.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

1- Keep the Lights On

The next time you go out to get groceries or run your errands, remember to keep the lights on. This simple act will fool the thief into thinking you are still home. Even if they catch you leaving, they might think you have a friend or family member around, and thus reconsider breaking in.

Power Tips:

  • Try to use solar-powered lights, as they will help save energy.
  • Leaving the lights on in the living room and the front porch should be enough to scare away thieves.

2- Add a Security Camera

Add a security camera on your front porch as well as the backyard – basically any place that’s a potential entry point for a burglar.

Try to use one of those newer security cameras that can pair with your smartphone and send real-time footage. This way, you will always know what’s going on inside your home.

Power Tips:

  • Make sure that the Security Camera is placed somewhere that’s visible to the burglar. This will steer them away from your place altogether.
  • Protect the camera with weatherproof casing.

3- Use Modern Security Tools

Experienced burglars are accustomed to traditional home alarm systems and know of workarounds. As such, we encourage you to try new modern security tools. For example, you can try out our new gadget – Mimic GO™, which is an affordable wireless home security system.

It’s a small portable device that can easily attach itself to your doors, windows, bags, and even laptops. If someone tries to open the doors or windows, or moves your bag or laptop, it will start an alarm and also send you an alert notification on your phone.

Mimic GO also has a motion detector functionality. You can place it in places where burglars might break in – like your backyard or the garage. On detecting any motion in the area, the gadget will start an alarm to scare off the intruder. You will also get an alert notification informing you of the situation.

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4- Lock Up the Garage

Unsecured Garage doors are the favourite entry points for criminals to come into your home and steal your stuff. And even if they can’t enter your home through your garage, they can still steal all the goodies stored away in the garage itself.

As such, when you are leaving, always remember to lock all garage doors. Hang a note on your front door if you keep forgetting.

Power Tips:

  • Use a good garage door safety sensor that can trigger an alarm or send you a phone notification.
  • Cover the garage windows so you don’t tempt a burglar with any stuff that’s present inside.

5- Avoid Keeping the Clicker in Your Car

Don’t leave the garage door remote inside your car. A thief only has to break the car window and snatch that clicker. Now they can easily enter your garage, and from there enter your home.

Power Tips:

  • Instead of using the remote on your visor, switch to a keychain remote instead.
  • Don’t leave personal information inside your car which a thief can use to trace back to your home.

6- Don’t Forget the Windows

Another favourite break-in point for burglars are windows – especially first-floor windows. And most of the time, they don’t even need to break it as careless owners leave them unlocked while heading out.

You need to understand that the manufacturer latches aren’t as effective to stand up to a burglar’s determinations. As such, you need to set up a dedicated window lock, and even an alarm system to beef up the security.

Power Tips:

  • Reinforce the glass with a window security film.
  • Install a glass break sensor.
  • Try using a Window Bar.

7- Use Powerful Locks on Your Door

With enough time and their trusty angle grinder, a thief can cut through almost any kind of lock. That being said, a thief always tries to get the job done as quickly as possible – as the more time they spend increases their chances of getting caught.

As such, our goal should be using a powerful enough front door security lock system that takes time to break. This should keep most burglars from attempting a break-in.

Power Tips:

  • Install a loud door alarm to scare the burglars.
  • Use a wireless alarm system that will inform you of a break-in.

8- Install Door Reinceforcement Hardware

If the burglar can’t cut through the lock, they might consider breaking the door altogether. In most cases, all you really need is a well-placed kick and the doorjamb is going to split open. 

Sometimes, repeated bodyslams can even break the door altogether. As such, you should consider investing in good hardware to protect your front door from burglars.

Power Tips:

  • Install a deadbolt.
  • Add a strike plate.
  • Use better-quality wood for the doors.
  • Consider installing a collapsible gate.

9- Eliminate Hiding Places

We like to surround our homes with trees and shrubs to add a little greenery and life. However, these are excellent hiding places for burglars and thieves. 

They can climb up the tree or hide in the bushes and learn your security measures and when you leave and re-enter your home. This can make you extremely vulnerable to burglary.

Power Tips:

  • Consider owning a guard dog and keeping them in your backyard.
  • Trim the bushes and shrubs.
  • Don’t keep stools or ladders outside which can be used to climb up the trees and hide there.

10- Keep Spare Keys inside a Lock Box

Don’t hide your spare keys under the doormat or inside your mailbox. That’s risky and foolish. Instead, if you tend to forget your keys often, then store them in a combination lockbox.

This adds an extra level of security to hide your spare key. Also, it is best to store the lockbox in an inconspicuous spot so it isn’t easily noticeable.

Power Tips:

  • If possible, try to blend in the lockbox with other hardware that’s outside your home. This will make it even less noticeable.

11- Don’t Let Random People Enter Your Home

Many burglars often disguise themselves as door-to-door salespeople. They use this disguise to chat you up, enter your home, and then eye all the insecure areas or potential entry points.

Not just salespeople, but they can also disguise themselves as courier people, delivery boys, and so on. As such, make sure to end all transactions on your front porch and don’t let these random people enter your home.

Power Tips:

  • Always ask for ID proof before engaging in any sort of conversation.

12- Store Valuables inside a Safe

Now practically speaking, if the thief is determined enough they can steal and run away with the entire safe. However, it is going to be difficult to hide a big safe let alone run away with on.

Also, if you have a lot of valuable stuff, consider locking them inside a secure self-storage instead of leaving them in your home.

Power Tips:

  • Go for an anchored safe as it’s hard to run away with.
  • Use safes with redundant locks to make it difficult to unlock for the thieves.

13- Don’t Share Travel Plans on Social Media

Never share your travel plans on social media. You also shouldn’t post pics of yourself on a holiday before you return home.

A burglar might be stalking you on social media. As such, after seeing your pics they will know that no one is home and plan their break-in.

14- Take Advantage of Home Automation

If a burglar or thief has their eye on your home, then they might know you are out on a vacation by seeing the lights off for a few consecutive days. This is where smart home products/gadgets come into the picture.

You can set up home automation which will let you control your home lights, lock doors, view the security camera footage, all the while you are relaxing on your vacation.

By controlling the lights, you can fool the criminals into thinking someone is home. And even if they break-in, the smart devices will inform you of the intrusion and you can call the cops asap.

Power Tips:

  • Schedule the lights (and your TV) to turn on and off on a routine.
  • Install a doorbell with two-way talk feature that you can use from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

15- Protect Your Wifi Network

Protecting your Wifi Network is another crucial part of enhancing home security. 

A tech-savvy criminal can hack your Wifi network giving them access to all incoming and outgoing data, as well as access to all your smart home gadgets and your entire security system.

As such, you should always be careful and keep your Wifi network well protected.

Power Tips:

  • Hide your home network.
  • Use a firewall to deny incoming connections.
  • Create a super-strong password.
  • Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption.