5 Things to do When You Feel Unsafe in Your Room

We have all traveled alone at least once in our lives. Flying around the globe can be a thrilling experience but having to rest in strange places could easily turn into the wrong kind of excitement. Here we present you with 5 things you can do to make sure that you’re safe.

1) Talking to People in Charge

I can’t stress this enough when I say, whether you’re staying in an Airbnb or a hotel room you need to ask the person responsible for the security of the building. Getting information on the security details will ease your mind in case you need help.  Determining if your room will be accessed by the cleaning crew can be as simple as a card on the doorknob, but you can make sure the crew skips your room by letting the receptionist know you don’t want to be disturbed.

Ensuring room safety gets harder if you’re staying in an Airbnb. If you’re unsure of your host’s security, you can install a door alarm. This will make sure you are notified when the door is being opened by an intruder.

2) Researching the Area

When traveling someplace new, we look into the nearest clubs and the best restaurants but we often skip the safety comments we see online. When lady luck leaves you alone, the information provided by locals could save your life in a pinch. From a street you should avoid to a bus you shouldn’t take at certain hours, the locals know their city the best. Talk to your host or receptionist to get information and do some research online, reading the forums will give you a better idea of the place you will be visiting.

3) Securing the Room

Sometimes when you’re getting ready for bed, you may feel like somebody is watching you. In most cases, this is just your brain playing tricks on you but sometimes it’s your instincts warning you. If you feel like you’re not safe, block your door with heavy objects like a chair or your luggage before you sleep. Close the curtains all the way and never forget to lock your valuables in the safe provided. Never dismiss the feeling of unease when you’re traveling, your instincts will protect you when it matters the most.

Investing in a personal security device is crucial to travel safely. Mimic Go is an on the go security device which will act as your personal watchdog when it matters the most.

4) Hiding Your Valuables

Some rooms may not provide you with a safe or a proper hiding place for your valuables. Carrying a passport and all of your cash on you at all times is just as risky as leaving it unattended in your room. Here’s what you need to do:

a) Buy an old ragged trench coat which isn’t too heavy.

b) After cleaning the coat properly, sew some hidden pockets inside the coat. If you can’t sew, your local tailor will take care of it in a short time.

c) Stash your cash and passport in different inner pockets of the coat and leave it in your suitcase like you haven’t worn it yet.

This will ensure your valuables cannot be found easily as thieves will be drawn to searching the pockets of the clothes you have worn and not an old trench coat you clearly haven’t even taken out of your suitcase.

5) Watch Out

Traveling alone makes you an easier target for criminals. Don’t let yourself be an easy pick by letting your guard down. Try to limit your alcohol consumption, you may feel invincible while having a few drinks at the new hole in the wall you just discovered but be warned, your senses will fail you if you drink more than you know you should.

Always watch your step and stay in bright places, don’t go into dark alleys just because it’s a shortcut! You’ll never know if you’re being followed back to your room.

Try to keep yourself safe with these tips but don’t let misguided people ruin your fun travel time, try to enjoy everything your destination has to offer!

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