7 Tips for Flight Attendants

Traveling around the world is a dream job for many people. Even though a flight attendant gets to see places some of us wouldn’t even dream of, let’s be honest, flying all the time can be hard. A flight attendant could be working for more than 10 days a month, which is a lot of time to be spending in airports and on planes. Most flight crews have recommendations that they share with their new co-workers, but today we will be revealing 7 tips that even the experts would appreciate!

1) Stay hydrated.

Often when we step on a plane, we forget that the air will become drier over time, and on top of that working as a crew member takes a lot of energy. Being a flight attendant requires a well-rested and alert mind. Dehydration will get you tired more quickly and you will be stressed when it’s time to enjoy your destination and rest. It’s very important to keep your body hydrated by drinking a glass of water at least every 30 minutes. Your body will thank you for it!

2) Pack lightly and efficient.

Most of us want to bring our entire closet on the trip but as we all know, there is a weight limit. As a crew member, you will need to pack only the necessary items but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fashion on your side!

Pack your favorite scarf, the scarf will protect you from the chilly air conditioner and provide a sense of fashion to the most simple jeans and t-shirt outfit.

“Forget about folding your clothes and start rolling them instead!”

The idea behind rolling the clothes into each other is that this way, you will get to have more space for all the other items that you deemed to be too large for that small suitcase.

3) Research

No matter where you may be going or how long you will be staying, research what experiences you can participate in!

You may be surprised at how much you can get done in just a few hours in a new city. Look into local restaurants and cafes and even street food for the different tastes you could never try in your hometown.

4) Journals

As a frequent traveler, you may get to go to a place more than once during your career. Keep a journal of the things you did and the things you didn’t get to do so that you can remember to experience a whole new side to the place you have already visited once.

5) Invest In Your Skin and Hair

Most of us like looking in the mirror and liking what we see. It is especially hard to keep up with your usual skincare and haircare routine during a trip but don’t worry, we have some good advice for you.

Invest in small travel size bottles of your favorite moisturizing products. Bringing a small bag of essentials could be saving you from not only judgmental looks but also time. Just a few pumps of moisturizer could save you from piling on lots of expensive makeup and the time you would spend putting it on. We think that time is better spent trying the local pastry products.

6) Get Some Rest

We often forget that there is a time limit to our stay while we’re enjoying a sip of that local drink. Don’t forget to recharge and spare some valuable sleeping time for yourself. Keep yourself rested for a stress free and safe trip!

7) Watch Out For Yourself

There is a reason why most thefts occur during a trip and that’s why you should be very careful with your items due to your frequent traveler status. Don’t be an easy target for muggers, invest in a backpack with hidden zippers and compartments and keep your electronics and valuables in a hard to access compartment in your bag.

Lost luggage is one of the most annoying and infuriating realities of traveling via plane. Keep track of your bags with Mimic Go during your flight and ensure their safety.

Trespassers are common during your stay in a foreign hotel, secure your hotel room and bags with Mimic Go and sleep with a peaceful mind.

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