A Christmas in NYC

Out of all the places you could spend Christmas, New York City is one of the most fun to be in. If you have fun meeting new people and discovering new places, you have come to the right city! You will be able to meet people from all over the world and taste some of the wildest combinations of food you can.

1) Visiting Christmas Markets

You can’t say you’ve spent your Christmas in the city of angels without paying a visit to the markets, during the festivities these places are covered in shiny lights and beautiful decorations. From uptown to downtown, there are many markets to see and many trinkets to buy!

2) See the Bryant Park

Visit the park with your skates to glide around the place for free! If you don’t own skates, they are only $20 to rent and they are worth every penny but even the clumsy people can enjoy themselves in this beautiful snow covered park. Start walking around and grab an apple cider for warmth, if you’re lucky you may even see the other clumsy people falling down on the ice!

3) See the Central Park

One of the most beautiful parks to be in during any season is the Central Park, its atmosphere is very romantic and it provides the best backdrop to take seasonal pictures. Strolling through this park with a hot beverage will rid you of all the stress.

4) Take a Walk to the Fifth Avenue

Start from the Central Park and start walking to the Fifth Avenue, you will the most amazing window displays and light shows throughout the streets.

5) Visit the Empire State Building

If you brace the very long lines, you may just be able to see the Empire State Building which would be drenched in red and green in the holiday season.

6) The Baked Goods

On the Upper East Side William Poll makes the best baked goods, you will find gingerbread houses and delicately put together sandwiches. If you’re a foodie, that’s where you want to be.

7) New York Botanical Gardens

Visit the Botanical Gardens to see miniature New York landmarks and impressive species of flora. Those of you who like to be in nature will appreciate this part dearly.

8) Nightlife

Go on a night out and try one of the many clubs, bars, pubs and the cozy hole in the walls to get a taste of the city that never sleeps. Join the party and get into the crowds, try all the cocktails that make people want more. New York lives to tell the tale of its night time adventures, listen to the stories and create your own!

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9) Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

Make Santa proud and come to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree on December 4th, 2019 when all the lights will be turned on. You can’t leave the city without at least taking a picture of this magnificent tree. The lights turning on signify an unofficial start to the season.

10) Times Square

The big screens in the Times Square makes the already crowded city feel like a jungle to explore, the culture filled open air area is the right place to see the street performers and to take many pictures.

Every year in the Times Square there is a countdown on December 31st, join the fun and excitement this year and celebrate 2020 with the whole city!

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