Keep Track with Mimic Track

Keep track of your valuable gear, bikes, vehicles, packages and more! Know where it’s now or where it has been! Track across your neighborhood, your city or even across the nation. No data charges, no sim cards required! Up to 1 year battery life on a single charge!

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Keep track of your bike, your backpack and even your gear!

Drop a Mimic Track into your backpack, attach it your bike, or professional gear or place it in your cycle, motor bike, car, jet skis, scooters or truck! Whether heading to the mall, across the world or just parked at home get notified instantly anytime your property is moved or relocated. Even use Mimic Track for critical packages – product samples, legal documents or high value e-commerce shipments on their way to the destination.

Mimic Track can help track all your your valuables even when they are outside of your Bluetooth range.

Whether at a cafe, gym or when traveling Mimic TRACK can keep tabs on your belongings. Just place Mimic TRACK inside your bag or on your belongings. Use the free app to turn it on and Mimic TRACK will send an instant notification to your app if your gear is shifted or moved and help you track it as it moves across your neighborhood, city or even across the nation. So you can respond right away.

The Smart Mimic App works with Mimic Track to help you keep track of your stuff anytime, anywhere!

Use the included Mimic App to easily configure your Mimic TRACK for most common scenarios. Just three taps of the Mimic App and Mimic TRACK communicates with your phone or smartwatch via the Mimic APP and displays its current location. Customize your experience by setting the alarm and adjusting tracking duration. Decide how you want to get notified by choosing your notification settings. And your are set!

Expensive bikes, sports gear or backpack? Secure and track it with Mimic Track! Even keep track of your teenagers driving habits! Mimic TRACK is for you!

Keep track of Bike, Motorcycle or Car?

With Mimic Track guarding your vehicles – bicycles, motorbikes or cars – you can rest easy knowing that you will be alerted should there be any unauthorized movement or theft. And you can even track your vehicle on the Mimic App and if need be alert law enforcement. Not just that – if you are worried about your teenagers’ driving habits – use Mimic Track to help you keep track of their driving and where they are without invading the privacy of their phones.

Mimic Track can help you keep track of valuable packages!

Shipping that antique cross country? Or sending pre-release product samples to a key customer? Slip a Mimic Track into your package as an extra measure so you can keep track of packages.

Mimic Track stays connected to your phone even when other Bluetooth devices give up! In fact Mimic Track stays connected to you even when Bluetooth doesn’t!

Using the advanced Mimic Fi technology Mimic TRACK can stay in touch with your phone whether you are in Bluetooth range or not. Mimic TRACK will automatically seek other networks to stay in touch with you even if your phone loses Bluetooth contact with your Mimic TRACK. We do this without the need for any SIM cards or cell phone fees.

Use Mimic TRACK even for your pets.

Worried about pets that may wander the neighborhood or property. Mimic TRACK helps you keep tabs without the use of bulky devices or depend on sim cards to stay in touch. At Smart Mimic we are constantly working on new ways to make it not just safer for you but your pets as well.

With Mimiq Track you can keep Track of things without giving up your Privacy!

Mimiq Track does not use cameras or microphones to track. In fact, the internal GPS in Mimiq Track remains turned off and powers up only when it is moved in an unauthorized manner. Using our advanced intelligent sensor technology Mimiq Track makes sense of the real world using sophisticated sensors and inference logic. It does this without needing to know what you are saying, doing or writing.

Get Set up in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Unbox Mimic Track. Place it in object you want to track.

2. Use app to select the mode – belongings, vehicle, package.

3. Turn on Mimic TRACK! Keep it safe!